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Refund Policy Terms and Conditions

100% Refund in case of Visa Rejection.

Terms and Conditions
- It is not applicable for Group booking (2 or more than 2 Applicants)
- Refund policy is applicable for 1st time Visa Application for UAE Visa
- Refund policy is not Applicable in case of incorrect or false information provided by the Applicant
- Refund policy is not applicable in case of rejection due to security & background verification of the Applicant
- Refund policy is not applicable in case Applicant fails to furnish more information required by Immigration

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We aim to cater the finest and process-efficient UAE Visa services to our esteemed customers on the first go.

The Terms and Conditions of Dubai are outlined here, which are administered by Indian laws. No changes or alteration to these Terms and Conditions will be considered valid unless and otherwise the same is brought into practice by any of our travel consultants in writing on Company letterhead with official signature and stamp. Accordingly, based upon the requirements and requests of our client, we will process an application for the same. However, for rendering any erroneous information by any unauthorised consultants, Dubai shall not be held liable. The company will make all attempts so that the required Visa gets processed within the stipulated time. Nevertheless, by no means the company will be legally liable for any of the events such as; rejection of visa application, issuance of erroneous Visa, unwanted delay in visa processing occurring with the UAE Visa Issuing Authority. If in case, any of the cited instances occurred on account of company’s error or omission, then the company is merely liable to refund all fees paid or just the cost of a replacement Visa. However, in no case the Company shall be liable for any substantial losses, but not limited to: lost airfares, profits/income.

Termination and Cancellation of Account

  • Dubai reserves the right to cancel orders or payments just before the origination of the delivery without stating any reasons for executing the same.
  • You are allowed to cancel an order within a constitutional period of 7 working days from the date of receiving an email confirmation against your order from the Company website. However, the Company will initiate the delivery of your order immediately after obtaining your permission so that the same gets delivered before the expiry of its statutory period and the services will be deemed to have been provided giving you no further claim or right to cancel your order. The moment you submit your order, Dubai will specifically request your permission to do so.
  • In case of any rejection of your UAE Visa Application by the UAE Visa Issuing Authority, Dubai shall not provide you the refund. Under such scenarios, applicants will be required to re-apply for the same adhering to the UAE visa laws.
  • If under any situation, the Company falls short of catering you the services as mentioned in the contract, then you may receive refunds.
  • The refund is released in the same mode of payment immediately after the order gets cancelled and it further takes 2 weeks’ time for customers to get the refund into their accounts.
  • After we process your application within 24 hours, but it is not yet being accepted by the immigration department or is not yet being paid at the immigration and you wishes to withdraw the application then there shall be a standard deduction charge of $69.00. But in case you wishes to cancel the visa application after 24 hours, then we will refund up to the 50% visa fees only (after the deduction of service fees and bank charges).
  • In case you wishes to cancel the visa application after 24 hours but we have forwarded it to the Embassy, then no fees will be refunded in any circumstances.
  • Any visa which is being approved, and an applicant wishes to cancel the application then there is a cancellation fee that has to be paid to the immigration department and for getting it cancelled we will charge a service fee of $100.00.
  • Refund shall not be processed in case of rejection, where in you have already applied in government system from some other service provider/travel agency alternatively or in advance.
  • If you are not providing the Credit Card Authorization letter along with the copy of Credit Card used to make payment. Then your application will be cancelled after intimation to you over email, call or whatsapp. Subsequently the cancellation fees of $100 will be charged as standard deduction fees and payment gateway charges.
  • ** Please note that certain nationals will be subject to an additional USD 150 per application security clearance fees. The nationalities are Irag, Afganistan, Libya, Nepalese, Nigeria, Morocco, Bangaladesh and Pakistan. If you are one of these nationalities - please email us and DO NOT APPLY online

Pricing & Availability

  • doesn’t promise that your UAE Visa Application will be accepted and approved by the UAE Visa Issuing Authority. Therefore, in any which case, shall not be held responsible if your UAE Visa Application gets failed or you fail to receive any other requested services from Our endeavour is to put all efforts in checking the online submission of your Visa Application and forward it for further processing to the UAE Visa Issuing Authority. Hence, our services get fulfilled the moment we check your the online submission of your Visa and pass it to the competent authority for approval.
  • It is the responsibility of every prospective applicant to abide by the required guidelines stated by the UAE Government.
  • In case of any incompetent or fraudulent information/documents provided by an applicant or he/she is not entitled to avail the requested services, shall not be responsible for the same. Also, for providing any erroneous supporting documents that fail to comply with the regulations of UAE Visa Issuing Authority, shall not accept any responsibility.
  • Dubai neither represents any Government Department of UAE, nor does it issue any UAE Visas nor affiliated to any UAE Embassy abroad.
  • The required UAE Visa Application and associated services are provided on the official webpage of UAE government's Tourist Visa.
  • All charges/fees mentioned on this website are incurred for a given service, and no applicant will be entertained for requesting a change in the given prices/information.
  • In case of any changes in the price for a given services as requested by an applicant, and the same has already been dispatched by Dubai, the actual price will be levied which was mentioned at the time of placing the order.
  • All prices/fees are listed on the website for a given service that includes VAT at applicable rate.
  • Sometimes, Visa fee also includes some third party charges (e.g. bank transaction charges), which are levied by the Government of UAE.

If in any case, you are not agree with these Terms of use, or you are being compelled to meet the cited terms, please do not use or apply UAE Visa from Dubai

Limits on Use

You are strictly prohibited to use and its services for your personal benefit and interest. Furthermore, selling or catering any services through our website to any third party is also not permissible to you.


  • Our website reserves the rights of users from time-to-time;
  • In order to restrict the access of any individual(s) to and/or withdrawal of any content from the webpage for the time being;
  • To practice anything else that truly believes to protect the security and integrity of and its database’s information;
  • To bring in anything new or to alter anything and/or additional security measure, which is not accompanied by notice.

Web Content & Precision

All accessible contents or information provided on Dubai comply with the legal terms, and are accumulated with legitimate skill and care. However, some information and contents might be there on our website, which are provided by any third party. In case of any inaccuracy or errors on that information, Dubai shall not be held responsible. Also, in certain cases some omissions or accessible issue may occur, which are quite instinctive in any internet-related system, and Dubai has no reasonable control over it. Such errors or omissions may occur on account of operator/user’s error or it may be influenced by a software/system or malfunctions. Therefore, user/applicant may verify the accuracy of the provided information before relying on it completely. The website is dynamic in nature and it reserve rights to make any changes in the content at any point of time without any prior notice.

Ownership & Limited Licence

The user/applicants are entitled to a limited licence to download the required content/information from the website of Dubai They are further permitted to use the same and take a print of the information for personal or non-commercial purposes, provided that all proprietary notices, trademarks and copyright are kept intact. Unless mentioned unambiguously, using, copying, retransmission and redeployment of any content of Dubai are rigidly proscribed. Thus, owner/user of this limited licence is subject to an agreement that he/she will comply with these terms and conditions before accessing, using and downloading the same, which are legally owned by Dubai or licensed to Dubai

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All Intellectual Proprietary rights and copyright that are not granted to a user as per these Terms of use are hereby exclusively reserved to Dubai or, in case of any other logos, brands and Company names that are featured on the website of Dubai, their respective owners.

Privacy Policy

The moment a user/applicant access our website, all the required information are stored in the database of Dubai Whatever information fetched through our "contact us" option, will only be restricted to Dubai, and the same will be used to contact the user while addressing his/her queries. As per the provision of applicable law, user may request us for obtaining a copy of User Data (if any) by paying a small fee. Besides, user may also contact us if he/she wishes to deactivate/remove/alter the User Data. All the user details that get stored in our database will never be sold or revealed to any third party unless/otherwise any requirement arises to share the same for service related matters. Thus the information is absolutely safe and secured with us.

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Disclaimer and Limitation of Legal Responsibility

a) Dubai hereby disclaims about the completeness, accuracy and adequacy of its content and do not warrant you that the information provided here are always up-to-date. Any information that you access through our webpage give you no warrantee that the same will always be available, operational, accessible, virus-free and error-free. Hence, according to the Terms of use of these provisions, you agree that the only antidote left to you for breaching any of the cited Terms of use shall be for our breach of contract as per these Terms.

b) Subject to point number (d), Dubai disclaims any loss/damages, liability, data corruption, punitive loss, wasted time, loss of goodwill, opportunity and profits caused in relation to use of any information/services provided through it, howsoever arising, as per agreement, trot or otherwise, even if the same was projected or Dubai was aware of the propensity of such liability/damage/loss.

c) Subject to point number (d) below, or else so far as legitimated, total legal responsibility of Dubai as per the Terms of use in respect of direct liability, loss or damage, howsoever arising, as per agreement, trot or otherwise, shall be limited as per claim or a series of claims to USD 50.

d) None of these cited Terms of use shall limit our legal responsibility for (i) damage/loss for death; (ii) individual injury caused on account of our inattention; or (iii) for any deceitful or false misrepresentation made by us or those under our control.

e) Any consumer who is using Dubai shall be refrained from all of these cited Terms of use and no legitimate provisions will further limit his/her statutory rights.


In accordance with the legitimate provision, if any of these Terms of use are found unacceptable or unenforceable at any point of time by the forum of a competent jurisdiction, court or tribunal, that will not result into nullify the remainder of these Terms of use. The cited Terms of use shall be altered or amended only by disuniting or modifying the provisions that are essential to make them valid and legitimate. If in case the same is not applicable, then substitute provisions can be applied to make these Terms of use valid and enforceable. Any unacceptable or unlawful provisions shall be severable from these Terms of use so that their authenticity and enforceability shall not get impacted again by any forum of a competent jurisdiction, court or tribunal.

Terms of Use & Alterations reserves the right to alter or change its Terms of use without any prior intimation. Continuation of your access to Dubai website or availing any services post alteration will constitute your acceptance of those new/amended Terms of use. Hence, before making any further use of Dubai, you should go through the same cautiously.


If in case Dubai believes that you are using the website/services breaching any of the stated Terms & Conditions, Dubai reserve the right to limit your access to the website at any point of time without any intimation.

Governing Law

Use of Dubai and its relevant services are governed by UAE law. Hence, you are deemed to abide by any disputes or claims associated with Dubai to the authority of the UAE courts.

Visa and Passport

For any information related to Visa and Passport, user should consult with the relevant Consulate /Embassy. Dubai will review the documents and other information before the departure. The reason being, sometimes the prerequisite may differ. However, at any point of time, Dubai shall not be held responsible if an applicant/user is detained at airport or refused to board the flight or gets no access to the territory of visiting country on account of any of the following reasons that are occurred from use’s end:

  • Not accompanied by the correct/valid Passport
  • Not carrying the essential documents and Visa, which are required before accessing to the territory of a foreign country or required at the visiting airport.

Health: Prior flying to the visiting country, user should consult with the doctor about his/her health condition and recommended inoculations, as the same may change at any point of time. Furthermore, a user is solely responsible if he/she is undergoing the prescribed medicines and following the medical counsel as instructed.

All services rendered through Dubai are in clear understanding that Dubai shall not be relied or liable for making any suggestions or decisions related to user’s voyage. Dubai doesn’t warranty you for the disseminated information on the website and its uninterrupted availability, precision, security, compatibility or any services offered.