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Refund Policy Terms and Conditions

100% Refund in case of Visa Rejection.

Terms and Conditions
- It is not applicable for Group booking (2 or more than 2 Applicants)
- Refund policy is applicable for 1st time Visa Application for UAE Visa
- Refund policy is not Applicable in case of incorrect or false information provided by the Applicant
- Refund policy is not applicable in case of rejection due to security & background verification of the Applicant
- Refund policy is not applicable in case Applicant fails to furnish more information required by Immigration

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To ensure maximum satisfaction to the esteemed clients / buyers, The Dubai Visa has in place a very straight forward and transparent refund and cancellation policy. Illustrated below are important pointers of our cancellation and refund policy.


After receiving of online application form from the applicant through our website, along with the supporting documentation and the applicable visa and service fees.

We'll post the application for the further processing on behalf of applicants for Dubai E-visa to the UAE authorities via internet. Please note that shall not liable for those applications not fulfilling the eligibility criteria, In such cases, the visa fees and service fees are non-refundable and same will be communicated via email.

Extra documents can be asked for further processing as per requirements and situation, fail to provide the requested documents paid visa fees and service fees shall not be refundable.

Status of application will be updated via email and you will receive the soft copy of e-visa in your provided email incase of granted visa & rejected visa cases will be updated over email with the reason of rejection.

In case of any rejection of your UAE Visa Application by the UAE Visa Issuing Authority, The Dubai shall not provide you the refund. Under such scenarios, applicants will be required to re-apply for the same adhering to the UAE visa laws.

All the re-apply application will be treated as new transaction and applicants will be liable to pay the visa fees and service fees as per visa category.

In the event of cancellation, you are responsible to notify us before the posting of your application for further processing with UAE authorities.

Cancelling an existing order will levy a charge of USD 50 per application. In such cases visa fees and service fees are non-refundable, cancellation fees we’ll on top of paid visa fees and service fees.